Missouri Progressives Prove They're Defenseless Against Grietens Campaign

Non-profit "news" hopes to rally supporters against the disgraced Guv and his march back to office. Sadly, the only thing they're really proving is that he's the only interesting personality in the contest so far. And, even worse, the weak Democratic Party bench might not be capable to overpower his mission to return to office.

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Greitens says supporters have 'bar-fight intensity' in bid for Missouri Senate seat * Missouri Independent

MACON - Former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens showed he still has an enthusiastic following among rural voters Friday night, with his entrance at the Macon County Lincoln Days highlighted by an extended standing ovation. Greitens, who is seeking the Republican nomination for U.S.


  1. You mean the Marxists and Socialist, their is no such thing as a progressive.

  2. idiot!!!! israel will be around a hulluva lot longer than the USA

  3. He will lose. BIG time.
    The Bible thumpers in Missouri will never vote for a Jew who is into B&D...even if it was consensual.
    The Repugs better start looking at someone like Parsons. He would be a shoe-in.

  4. Trump got a golden shower and it didn't bother them

  5. 7:20...fake News from the Fake Russian Dossie...but of course you actually already knew that.

  6. 7:20pm

    1) The Trump pee story was bullshit.

    2) Trump was not a Jew.

    Yes. Greitens will bother the Mo. Evangelicals.


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