Missouri House Postpones Rep. Rick Roeber Resignation To Investigate Sex Abuse Allegations And Then Boot Him

Redux because the newspaper is trying to swaggerjack TKC bloggy style: As the Eric Greitens comeback threatens both Republican & Democratic Party politicos . . . Push back against this alleged creeper denounced by his own family has a surprising level of bipartisan support.

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Missouri House delays Rep. Rick Roeber's resignation to finish review

The Missouri House on Thursday refused to accept a lawmaker's resignation so the Ethics Committee can fully investigate allegations that he physically and sexually abused his children years ago. The GOP-led House voted 153-0 to prevent Republican Rep. Rick Roeber, of Lee's Summit, from resigning Friday as he had planned.


  1. Yet ANOTHER, Old, white, male, GOP pervert! The nation is full of them!

  2. Another Joe Biden.

  3. Yeah, like Pres Sniffer.

  4. this is very ungracious of the house republicans.

    compares very unfavorably to Roeber's bow-out

    how do you even refuse to accept a resignation? he said he is leaving the state to be with his ailing parents. he is leaving. it is like a seinfeld episode. it would be like getting a rejection letter from a job you applied for and then informing them that you were unable to accept their rejection of your application, it is just ridiculousness

  5. Kinda like the Catholic church, ain't it. Do all you can to protect the pedophiles.

  6. It’s called due process, the despicable dimwits don’t believe in it because they hate laws, the constitution and America so....


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