Meth Town Starts Post-COVID Life

Here's a look at somewhat relaxed precautions in the 2nd best town to the East of Kansas City.

Here's what will have to pass for progress as many skeptic health pros believe the U.S. will NEVER achieve heard immunity from the plague.

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Independence begins return to 'new normal' with loosened COVID-19 restrictions

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - The city of Independence loosened its COVID-19 restrictions on Friday, allowing restaurants, bars and gyms to operate at full capacity limits. It's the first time in more than a year these businesses can welcome all customers.


  1. I've had COVID. It wasn't so bad. Heading to the lake next weekend to party my ass off with my friends. May stop in Meth Town and have a few beers on the way out and back (I live about two blocks from Score Sports).

  2. Donald J. Trump4/24/21, 10:34 PM

    I've had COVID. It wasn't so bad. My doctors lied to everybody about how sick I was. Took a limo ride around the hospital! Also I won the election! By a lot!

  3. Harry Truman wasn't a pussy, and neither are his townsfolk!

  4. Say what you want about Independence but it isn't nearly as bad as KCMO, KCK and OPKS when it comes to more recent crime rates.

  5. Most methheads have moved out of Independence and are long gone. You will now find them out south and out in the sticks.


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