Meth Town Murder Overnight

To be fair police in this part of the metro have a very high clearance rate and our neighbors hate it when we call the place Meth Town despite the fact that the ongoing American substance abuse epidemic continues to fuel local violence.

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Independence Police investigating overnight homicide

The Independence, Missouri, Police Department is investigating an early morning homicide after one person was found dead outside of a house.Police were called to the 500 block of South Crescent Avenue, near Independence Avenue, after neighbors reported hearing gunfire shortly before 2 a.m.When officers arrived they found one person dead outside of a home in the area.


  1. Independence has the spill over from KC eastside. Meth town???? Maybe, but it all came over from KC and is more than just Independence. In that area you can bet it's the cotton pickers.

    1. As a Independence native. Hey stupid! Most of it is white which means most of the Meth Heads are white. I know because I watched it destroy most of my friends growing up. Get your racist bullshit out of here.

    2. Sorry, 1:50, in the ghetto they use anything. Your own assettion is racist.

  2. ^^OK Boomer. Go watch Matlock. Nobody wants to hear anything from someone with tapioca on his chin. Bye bye now!

  3. OK, Brokeback baboon/12:47. Go play with your bruised babana. Nobody cares what a cray critter ooks and eeks from a smelly cage.

  4. The mayor of Independence has a beautiful bountiful bosom.


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