Mapping Kansas City COVID Vaxx Progress

As infections, hospitalizations and deaths continue to decline we notice that the progress of distributing the vaxx also slows.

Check this update and the latest plague numbers . . .

Where we stand: Interactive maps, charts show COVID-19 cases, vaccination rates for Kansas City

Below you will find information about vaccine doses administered, along with how many people have received a single dose and how many people are fully vaccinated. The gauges are updated daily.


  1. As usual, kmbc is way off with their doom and gloom guessing, the state has it at 1.8 million first doses and 1.2 million completed. Using anything that the cdc has is just plain stupid, they’re so far behind with their own reporting that they can’t be trusted.

    Missouri is on top of this, they are usually only one day behind in reporting, the cdc can fall behind two weeks easily.

  2. With three million first doses given out and a population of 6,400,000 it’s not hard to figure out the real percentage here.

    Playing games with the figures to scare people isn’t funny or nice, the lame stream media at its finest amirite!

  3. It appears 50% of Missouri's population has received at least one dose of the vaccination which is actually really good. One has to wait 2-4 weeks to get the 2nd dose of Pfizer and Moderna.

    The Marxist Media is so misleading when they say only 18% have been fully vaccinated.

    President Trump gave three different vaccines to China Joe Biden and China Joe has totally f*cked up the distribution just like he has totally f*cked up the border with Mexico.

    Under China Joe Biden, hundreds of thousand of immigrant Hispanic children are being caged by Biden's administration or sold into prostitution by the drug cartels.

    China Joe naps and shits his adult diaper all day with Dr. Jill Biden leading him by the hand out to the White House foyer to wave once a week so the Marxist Media knows Biden is still alive.

    I guess if the children were Communist Chinese; Biden would do something for them in exchange for a bribe.

  4. ^^Tru Dat


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