Low Voter Turnout Surprise Is Last Hope Of Kansas City Tax Fighters

Experts contend that voter turnout will max at around 10% tomorrow.

The School Board is paying for their own election and they've seriously downgraded voting access without a peep from local media.

Meanwhile, without any organized opposition to the E-tax it will likely earn another victory. HOWEVER, some of our tax fighter friends are flexing about public dissatisfaction with City Hall inspiring more votes.

Remember, last time around the E-tax won by more than 50 points. 

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Kansas City earnings tax up for renewal on Tuesday's ballot

Kansas City, Missouri's earnings tax is on Tuesday's ballot. It is a 1% tax on everybody who works in the city regardless of where they live.The earnings tax is the top money source to pay for basic services in the city, such as fire, police and trash pickup."The earnings tax is essential, not just to the daily operations of Kansas City, but to its fiscal future," Mayor Quinton Lucas said.


  1. Why go vote, the outcome is predetermined

  2. ^^^^^

    Exactly most of the people who stole the vote in GA were black and they cry like little babies for racial equality. The gaslighting son of a bitches. They have been no good since I can remember. No wonder everyone hate you people. BTW start washing your hair you stink like hell.

  3. Tent money.


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