Locals Reject COVID Vaxx

The drop-off is real despite public health promo and repeated warnings from public health officials.

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COVID-19 vaccination demand continues to taper off in Kansas, Missouri

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After steadily rising from the first vaccine availability in mid-December through early April, the number of people initiating and completing COVID-19 vaccinations in Kansas and Missouri fell for the second consecutive week.



  2. No one wanted except brainwashed virtue signaling retards, that's why there has been such a media blitz propaganda campaign...the whole thing is a big lie.

  3. Those who want it have gotten it or have an appointment. Those who don't are not going to be convinced that a non-approved vaccine is going to do anything more than a pointless mask which you still have to wear after you get the shots. That really defeats the purpose of getting a vaccination doesn't it or did you flunk 7th grade health class?

    Point of clarification: The 7th grade health class comment only applies to those who took 7th grade health class before they started teaching kids how to put condoms on cucumbers and the proper techniques for anal sex.

  4. Kamala said she wouldn't trust any vaccines developed under Trump, then she went and got it. An another lie from another Libtard.

  5. “Thank you, Almighty Lord, for giving Donald J. Trump to America in a time of great need to deliver a COVID vaccine in record time through his Operation Warp Speed because of his business management expertise and can-do attitude. Amen.” – Basement Biden after being given truth serum

  6. All of the COVID vaccines used in America have been officially renamed "Trumpcines" by the scientists and others involved in Operation Warp Speed to honor the man who made it all possible in record time.

  7. ^^You bet! They also named Clorox a Trumcine too, and encouraged all of his followers to drink it up as he himself suggested. Have you drank your share yet?

  8. Once you reach a certain level of saturation wouldn’t you expect the number of people to be getting jabbed to taper a little? There was no information in the article about total numbers of people vaccinated so far. Utterly worthless.


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