Local Non-Profit Donation News: 'The Kansas GOP Has Repeatedly Endangered All Of Us'

Here's a peek at the future of donation-based news that champions journalistic integrity whilst offering just a bit of cash to leftover reporters from the newspaper.

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Kansans have only ourselves to blame for the embarrassment of these lawmakers | Kansas Reflector

Now that the 2021 Kansas Legislative regular session has stumbled to a close, what should we make of the political psychopathy of lawmakers like Aaron Coleman and Gene Suellentrop? These rough beasts arrived at public service from wildly different paths, yet the boorish and reckless behaviors of these cultural opposites have come to define a session that has left many of us gobsmacked with outrage.


  1. Never heard of this piece of garbage Libtard publication. Overblown stories about the GOP while the Demoncraps destroy our country every way they can. George Soros is smiling brightly with his bright white dentures.

  2. ^^^You should claim you didn't make that dumb comment. It's something a third grader would say during recess, but would grow out of by the fourth grade.

  3. Byron, with all due respect, your posts on this blog are about as desirous as a root canal.

  4. Aaron Coleman is a Democrat. Of course, the latte liberal, far left wing bullies don't want you to know that.

  5. True Dat^^^ @9:34am Your right on the $$$ .

  6. And buried in the author credits lies the HEART of the problem.

    "Max teaches journalism at Emporia State University."


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