Like It Or Not, Kris Kobach Emerges As Early Leader For Kansas Attorney General

Don't get it twisted, TKC probably doesn't agree with Kris Kobach about very many political topics.

But it's hard not to admire the dude's persistence.

However . . .

It's obvious that Kris Kobach is starting out strong given that he has evoked so much progressive political ire. 

Here's former Missouri SecState and KCMO Mayoral candidate Jason Kander tearing apart the alt-right politico . . .

In fairness, we'll let Mr. Kobach speak for himself in a worthwhile video clip of his kickoff campaign announcement that will test the skill, resolve and fortitude of Kansas Democrats along with their ongoing 40 year plan to emerge from super minority status.  

Prove TKC wrong . . . Name one contender from the Kansas Democratic Party bench who has a connection with a national news network, name recognition throughout the political world and would be willing to take this low rent mostly dead-end gig.

I'll wait. 

In the meantime . . .

Take a look at Kris Kobach pushing back hard against the Prez Biden administration . . .

Double bonus for early risers . . . Mr. Kobach will be talking to conservative talker Pete Mundo this morning at around 9:30 in the AM.

Developing . . .


  1. Please, please say it isn't so. This has to be a bad dream. Maybe Chris and Eric could run for President and VP in 2024. The Kobach-Greitens ticket. Or will it be the Greitens-Kobach ticket. Just kill me now. (Written by a pro-life, right wing, crazy Republican). Some people are too crazy even for me!

  2. It's not hard to be the "leading" candidate when, this early in the election cycle, no one else is running.
    Doubtful that the Kansas Republicans will make the same mistake three times.

  3. Jason Kander is an admitted mental case. Why should we care what he thinks? AND, his wife is a Russian.

  4. Why do you hate veterans. Koback had every chance in the world to go to the best schools in the world when Kander was humping a ruck sack going through ROTC.

  5. Is he the guy who pushed the Real Men Don't Watch Porn campaign years ago?

  6. ^ I don't know perv...did you finally figure out how to stop double posting? You retarded geriatric fucktard.

  7. ^^^ Sounds like you took too many loads last night at a glory hole and woke up cranky. Poor little boy. HahahahahahaHahahahahaha

  8. Who cares what Jason Kander thinks. He’s a loser!

  9. Kobach is an asshat thoroughly unqualified for honest work, which is why he continually goes back to the political well. Kansans would do well to ignore him and elect someone who will serve their state instead of himself.


  10. ^^^Kris graduated from grad studies at Oxford..J.D. degree from Yale..

    Ergo..Dims say he's "unqualified"

  11. A Judge fined Koback and made him do six hours remedial work on presenting evidence? Do you know what remedial even means?


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