Legal Threats Worsen In Johnson County Fight Over Homeless Rights

Stakes are high in this golden ghetto legal battle for homeless rights the metro population of desperate souls rises and suburbs might soon lose their ability to dump their responsibilities on KCMO.

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ACLU: Merriam panhandling ordinance is unconstitutional

MERRIAM, Kan. (AP) - The American Civil Liberties Union and another advocacy group are warning a Kansas City suburb that its panhandling ordinance is unconstitutional. The Kansas City Star reports that no lawsuit has been filed over the two-month-old Merriam ordinance that bans pedestrians from standing or sitting on medians at nine high-traffic intersections, other than to [...]


  1. If a panhandling phony sticks his head in my car window I am go in to punch him in the face!

  2. The hobo-handlers have trashed every Kansas City exit ramp stop and busy intersection.

    They just throw their trash on the ground, take a dump and then walk off.

    If they would clean up after themselves, maybe more people would donate.

    A lot of these panhandlers work in teams of two or more so you want to be careful. One will be in a vehicle scouting or watching for the other one.

    Never leave your car.

  3. It would be unconstitutional if the law banned all panhandling. But it only bans panhandling at certain busy intersections. If the city can make the case that it's a safety issue, the city will win.


  4. Of course the aclu takes this up. They (ACLU) don't care how this affects all the people who live in those areas and the repeated piles of trash left by the panhandlers not only on the street but under the bridges where they sleep.

    And they (aclu) doesn't care about the interruption of traffic flow because these panhandlers are stepping into traffic and going up to cars begging for money.

    Nor do they care about the quality of the residents in the area. There are times it is unsafe to go to the adjacent QT or convenience store due to all the homeless who sit outside these places. Or the homeless people who confront you while your putting gas in your car asking for money.

    I hope Merriam fights this push back and wins

  5. Clarence Darrow4/19/21, 10:34 AM

    What court has determined the ordinance is unconstitutional? NONE! More ACLU bull***t. Make them spend money taking it to court to find out that they are wrong. Put it on the ballot next time and see if it passes the muster of the Merriam citizens. It would pass.

  6. It is absolutely a safety issue. The bums will often block a lane while pushing a cart. Or they just saunter across without looking. It's amazing more aren't hit, but as a motorist it's always challenging to approach a bum dominated intersection.


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