Ladies Build New KCI

The new Kansas City airport champions diversity, equity and equal opportunity despite declining passenger traffic for airlines overall and the rise of Internets meetings.

Read more of this well-written hype article that hopes locals forget a female-owned construction company getting pushed out of an EPIC deal over a brilliantly crafted union/urban beef. . .

How the KCI airport project is landmark in representing women- and minority-owned businesses

From the Ground Up Photography and Clark | Weitz | ClarksonThe people of the KCI Airport project aren't just building a representative space in Kansas City-they're implementing goals to make sure the project represents what Kansas City could be. Geoff Stricker, the senior managing director for Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate, and Julie Wellner of Wellner Architects have collaborated with...


  1. Well, at least this means that there should be an adequate number of Women's Restroom Facilities in our brand-new version of the same old, same old 50-years-out-of-date Plastic Box Design.

  2. How the KCI airport project is landmark in representing women- and minority-owned businesses

    2 White female writers on this article?

    I highly encourage everyone to review the Staff Directory of Kansas City magazine, here:

    What do you see? 7 White people; 6 White females and 1 White male

    Is Kansas City magazine a racist, non-diverse, non-equity practicing organization? Or are they just hypocrites?

  3. Surely after all these years of minority and women set-asides, there are minority and women led contractors who are now able to compete on an even playing field with everyone else. Why after decades of preference do they still need a crutch?

    1. ^^^^ Because engineering schools have lowered their entrance and graduation standards to the point knowledgeable contractors will not use them if they want the job done correctly.


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