Kylr Yust Wiretap Confession Played For Jury

The prosecution hinges on an important piece of circumstantial evidence heard this morning.

Obviously, if the jury doesn't buy the loose talk to a former lady friend . . . The suspected creeper will walk.

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KYLR YUST TRIAL LIVE UPDATES: Yust on FBI recording: 'I f'ing killed her and left her out...'

Prosecutors are playing more of an FBI recording that allegedly contains a "recorded confession" during the fourth day of the murder trial of Kylr Yust.Multiple witnesses took the stand on Wednesday and testified Yust confessed to killing Kara Kopetsky. Prosecutors also began to play a lengthy FBI wiretap between Yust and Katelynn Farris, one of Yust's ex-girlfriends.


  1. With Collins as Judge he has a chance the trial will get fucked up.

  2. And dumbass butler as the prosecutor... it's not corruption like meanjean, it's incompetence and inexperience with this type of trial.

  3. If the FBI had a recorded confession, why the hell are we going through a decade of this mess?????? If he confessed then be done with it!

  4. Free Byron Case!


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