Kylr Yust Séance Exposed Amid Murder Trial

The sordid life of of a suspected killer is under consideration by a jury as circumstantial evidence continues to mount.

The freaky-deaky highlight so far this week . . .

"Audio transports the listener to the beginning of a séance in a field near Grandview. Yust and Kaitlyn Ferris spent the day collecting items to try and communicate with the spirit of Kara Kopetsky, who he's now charged with killing. 

"What Yust didn't understand is that a slew of FBI agents were listening instead . . .

"In the recording, they can be heard trying to decipher different letters on a Ouija board. 

"Yust responds to the different words she's forming and at one point acts as though he feels Kopetsky's presence. "Oh my God," he says. "I just, like, felt her hand on my shoulder."

Like or not, if jurors are the least bit skeptical about this bit of bad theater, that doesn't bode well for the prosecution.

Further reading as the trial continues this morning . . .

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Developing . . .


  1. wheejee boards are for morons.

  2. Judge Collins is a great Judge!

  3. @12:47, LOL wut? Are you one of the women in the divorce court that took her man to the cleaners under Collins' judicial ruling?

  4. Dont you think he has killed other women we dont know about?


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