Kylr Yust Double Murder Trial Day One: Prosecutors Allege Rural Killing Ground

Ritual slaughter alleged at the courthouse . . .

“After killing Jessica, he went back to ‘his spot,’ and he threw Jessica Runions' body in the same spot he had thrown Kara’s years before,” Butler said.

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Opening Arguments Begin In Trial Of Kylr Yust, Charged in Murders of Kara Kopetsky And Jessica Runions

The first day in the long-awaited double murder trial of Kylr Yust, 32, was a short one. After opening arguments, Cass County Judge William B. Collins dismissed the jury of 13 women and three men, telling them to sequester in their rooms until 8:30 a.m. Tuesday when testimony will begin.


  1. 100 years ago and a bridge would most likely have a hanging ballast or a tree a new chime. instead we have a new hero to the crime lovers party, a person that represents the poor me criminal, the criminal blame others and another person we worry about if he got the same amount of lock up peas as the child molester in the next cell. Devolution is here.

  2. Part of the blame, a small part, still lies in the victims. They knew he was evil. it had been rumored he killed the 1st girl, and the 2nd still dated him. A Very Small but still valid blame goes to the victims.


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