Kylr Yust Double Murder Defense Starts By Way Of Blaming Dead Half -Brother

Given the circumstantial nature of the case, the defense hopes to effectively create doubt by way of shifting attention away from the defendant and toward another suspect who can't testify or contradict any of their claims.

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Fox4: Kylr Yust Trial -The defense fights to present Yust's brother as alternate suspect


"Through the day the defense peppered in information about Yust’s half-brother, Jessep Carter, and the idea he may be someone to look at instead of Yust. They asked investigators if Carter was looked at as a suspect and even brought up the topic of a gold station wagon. The defense claims this car may be connected to Carter all the way back in 2007, around the time of Kopetsky’s disappearance".

Here's a more skeptical view of the tactics . . .

Kylr Yust defense team off to rocky start as it opens case Monday

Basics . . .

"The jury spent much of the short day outside the courtroom as the state challenged the relevancy and accuracy of much of the witness testimony."

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  1. The Debil made me do it!

  2. Disgraceful, blaming your own dead brother for this heinous crime, no honor among theives.


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