Confirmation of a TKC political thesis . . . Like it or not, the nation seems to be gearing up for a "red wave" and Kansas Republicans are certainly stepping up their game.

Normally, we would just link this news . . . However, this campaign kickoff begins what could be a bitter fight in Kansas as one of the strongest MAGA proponents competes for an office with a great deal of power. And so far, the politico has more name recognition and a bigger spotlight than any potential competitor. 

Here's the word . . . 

Kris Kobach Announces Bid for Kansas Attorney General

April 29, 2021 (Wichita) -- Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach today announced he is running for Kansas Attorney General. In a press conference in Wichita, Kobach, a former constitutional law professor, said states attorneys general are the last line of defense against unconstitutional overreach by the Biden administration.

“On a host of issues from a federal takeover of elections, to attempts to restrict our Second Amendment rights, the Biden administration and its allies in Congress have disregarded the constitutional limits on federal power. The most important officer who can fight back against such unconstitutional actions is a state attorney general,” Kobach said.

Kobach served as a White House Fellow in the U.S. Justice Department and said he is also running to make clear that in Kansas, law enforcement officers are protected and respected.

“The attack by the Left against police officers across the country has reached a fever pitch. In Kansas, I will make clear from the top that we stand with law enforcement, and we value the officers who protect us.”

Finally, Kobach said that he is running to protect life and to protect Kansas’s laws from attack by the ACLU and its allies.

“When the Legislature passes a law to protect the unborn or to protect our way of life in a manner the Left does not like, the ACLU and its allies inevitably sue. The attorney general must have the expertise and the willingness to defend our laws in court,” Kobach said.


You decide . . .


  1. If the Kansas Democrats were smart, they would support a Republican opponent in the primary.

  2. This idiot needs to go away.
    He is a confirmed LOSER!
    He isn't even cute any more.

  3. Great! Another office he can get humiliated losing.


  4. hmmm..he graduated Harvard,,,grad work at Oxford..J.D. from Yale..

    yet..I'm sure the Dims will claim Kris isn't "qualified" to be KS A.G.

  5. What are his views on unsolicted bulk email?

  6. I encourage ALL Democrats to vote for Kris in the primaries. Let get this shitshow to the top of the GOP ticket.

  7. I'm a Republican, but Kobach is a loser. Find another conservative.

  8. Do the liberals pay this joker to run on the Republican ticket?

    He's the Covid of Conservatives

  9. Kris is a terrible lawyer who had almost all of his anti-immigration legislation thrown out in court.
    And he's a candidate who has lost over and over again.
    In his gubernatorial campaign almost the entire thing was paid by his wealthy running mate.
    Hid days of having any impact on public policy are long over.
    Kris needs a job.


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