KCK Pooch 'Capone' Held Captive

Here's a controversy betwixt a dog 'rescue' and dude who just his pet returned has sparked a social media firestorm and nasty allegations.

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Lost KCK dog not first that local rescue has been accused of refusing to return

MISSION, Kan. - A dog named Capone is the subject of controversy between his owner and Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption. FOX4 first told you about the story last week. Capone got out March 31 and ended up at Unleashed. Capone's owner has been fighting to get him back ever since.


  1. If you look around, they have been accused of this multiple times. They also try to strong-arm people over the prices to adopt. Which seem to change constantly depending on who you are dealing with.

  2. I read the one-star reviews on their Google page. A lot of people accuse these people of outright dognappig. Why is this place not shutdown? The police have been there many times, always with people upset at this place stealing their dogs.


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