KC Zoo Celebrates Chlamydia Plagued Koalas

A fun fact to share at a trip to the Kansas City Zoo . . .

Surveys have shown that some wild populations of koalas demonstrate a 100 percent rate of Chlamydia infection

And yes, they get it the same way humans do.

And so, whilst these adorable critters earn local hype for laying around eating eucalyptus trees, let's not forget that they're diseased-ridden and kinda boring considering that (very much like bloggers and the current President) they sleep 18 to 22 hours a day.

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CUTENESS OVERLOAD: Koalas come back to the Kansas City Zoo

Some furry friends from the San Diego Zoo are spending some "koal-ity" time here in Kansas City. Gina Bullard went to the Kansas City Zoo to check them out!


  1. Yes, Tony, you should not go to the Zoo.
    Or toantwhere else, really - you're much too busy thinking to do anything boring like that.

  2. Be careful Dr Chimpy! Lol

  3. They forgot that most of the hoof stock has animal aids, the cats have feline aids and all are doomed to die soon, thanks for capturing me and taking me from my natural habitat only to die in a third world shithole city.

    I was so much better off being wild and free......

  4. Keep the hood rats out of the koala habitat and they will be ok.

  5. "Surveys have shown that some wild populations of koalas demonstrate a 100 percent rate of Chlamydia infection"

    Sorta like......well, you know.

  6. ^^Yes. Just like geriatric fucktards, glad you caught that!

    1. Dr. Chimpy! Perfect. Keep your monkey weiner out of the koalas!!

  7. LOL on the koala back-story

    nasty degenerate koalas hooking up with each other probably going from grove to grove giving each other STDs

    TKC should investigate the lazy kangaroos next, what exactly are they doing all day?

  8. 3:05 check the CDC website, geriatrics have nothing to do with Chlamydia, the highest incidence is in black females age 10-25 by 5 fold!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stop spreading your lying ageist bullshit!!!!!


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