Kansas Trans Sports Ban Moves Forward

Rather than help students for foster understanding, this bit of nasty political theater will only serve as political red meat to increasingly divided Heartland factions seeking more power.

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Kansas lawmakers pass ban on trans athletes in girls school sports, but bill isn't veto-proof

TOPEKA, Kan. - Kansas conservatives on Friday pushed a proposed ban on transgender athletes in girl's and women's school sports through the Republican-controlled Legislature but don't have enough support yet to overcome a possible veto by Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly. The Senate approved the measure, 26-11, after the House passed it late Thursday, 76-43, sending it to Kelly.


  1. if dudes who say they are girls to scam scholarships..just one simple requirement: prove that they've "Chopped It Off"

    end of scam..

  2. Byron Funkhouser4/11/21, 1:27 PM

    Finally, nice to see some "common sense" npn-woke legislation for a change.

  3. https://academic.oup.com/jcem/advance-article-abstract/doi/10.1210/clinem/dgaa976/6123860

    1. She'll always have milk for cereal.

  4. Girl’s cannot compete with boys in any competitive sports.

  5. ^^ Females wanted this new society, overwhelming vote for the change. They got it and now they afraid a dickless wonder will beat them in sports. A Woman can do anything a man can do , only better..LOL Obviously not.

  6. I hope the guy sues the Virginia state police, the town of windsor probably doesn't have much to fork over.


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