Kansas Senator Doc Marshall Condemns 'Meatless Money' & Praises Beef

Here's a sketchy politically charged prescription from a top ranking politico . . .

“I think anything I can do to protect the agriculture industry in Kansas is important. I think anything that we can do to protect the health of Kansans is important as well, and I think that a good protein source is important to their health,” Senator Marshall said.

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Kansas senator discourages meatless Mondays

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) - Kansas Senator Roger Marshall is teaming up with Iowa Senator Joni Ernst to prevent a war on meat. "Very simply if there's less beef consumed, it's going to impact the economy of Kansas," Marshall said. The senators point to a newsletter from 2012 that U.S.


  1. As I was saying.........

    Anyone supporting the "Climate Change Agenda", whether they realize it or not, is calling for the demise of KC Barbecue and the animal livestock industries in MO and KS.

    Tell Bill Gates, World Economic Forum, UN, Biden/Harris administration, DNC, AOC, Pelosi, Schumer, Carwash, Davids, etc., to choke on their soy burgers!

  2. ^^Umm. Wrong. Too dramatic as usual. Come back when you know what you're talking about boomer. Bye bye now.

    1. But Dr. Chimpy! You never know what the fuck you're talking about, you get slapped down all the time, and you still come back for more! Lolol

  3. chimp watch4/15/21, 2:46 PM

    Another typical useless comment from low IQ "ad hominem" chimpy/weird.


  4. I swear I have no idea what it's going to take for common sense to prevail. What I do know is that middle-America, conservatives need to stand up to the progressive left and activists and push back hard.

    They are driving the agenda and it's time to turn this upside down or we are going to see this country go down the drain. From the racist progressives, to the union teachers who don't want to teach, to the climate change (the world is coming to an end) to the idiots who want to pack the Supreme court.

    Enough is enough it's time to push back and push back hard. Use your votes, not just Federal elections, state and city elections, school board elections are important! Stop the nonsense!!



  6. This is the fake VP Kamala Harris that is doing this. She was interviewed and said she wanted people to eat less meat. But then turned around and talked about how many hamburgers she eats. It's all about putting America out of work and to go with our enemies like China who owns Smithfield. BTW the black guy who works on the line at Smithfield was videoed pissing on the floor and then turned around and started handling meat again and it wasn't his own. This is the democrat way.

  7. 2:28-I’ve read your low IQ remarks on this blog for a while. It’s obvious, you don’t care for elderly people and you’re a racist who hates white people. Why don’t you move back to your motherland? Many of us would pay your way to go elsewhere-just promise you don’t come back.

  8. "Kansas senator discourages meatless Mondays"

    It's encouraging to see the Junior Senator from Kansas concentrating on issues of national importance.

  9. LOL 3:21

    marshall has firmly established himself as a nut

    as far as the issue of the post goes, i.e. meat and health etc., i think the issue is, production of meat can create environmental externalities, especially threats to groundwater. So let's be careful about this, especially CAFOs, because the future health and environment of Kansans is way more important than Big Ag's next quarterly profits

  10. Marshal is a traitor

  11. ^^ How so? Please explain in detail.


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