Kansas Republicans Fight Guv Kelly

From culture war, to policy and budget issues . . . The Kansas GOP are pushing back against this moderate leader who still remains more popular than the MAGA crowd. Or at least Kris Kobach.

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From Taxes To Trans Athletes, Republicans In Kansas Legislature Look To Override Governor's Vetoes

TOPEKA, Kansas - Kansas lawmakers return to the Statehouse next week for a showdown with Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly over issues at the heart of both culture wars and taxes. While legislators took a break, Kelly vetoed a range of high-profile bills.


  1. How about forming county trans soccer teams ? The new women's pro soccer league will be folding soon and having a sale !!!


  2. Good she is wrong about the transgender she's only doing it for points she knows it's not a fair thing to do.

  3. Nice. The do-nothing-except-give-tax-breaks-to-the-rich Republican Party continues to have a meltdown tantrum. You lost, MAGATS. Get over it. The adults are in control now.

  4. ^^And yet they are not. Weird,

  5. Moderate?

    Wow . . . definitions change more and more by the day.

  6. “Moderate” my foot
    A moderate understands common sence Only a complete brain dead democrat thinks a trans idiot is a normal person with no mental health problems
    She’s going to have to explain why her party believes all this far left lunacy at the next election


  7. Fuck that Communist Granny Governor and her unemployment system that sucks.

    She not only looks like Moe from the Three Stooges but just as stupid !

  8. Just say no to chicks with dicks!

  9. ^^Why? Your wife didn't and still doesn't.

  10. She is a true tied in a punch bowl. Her values and left leaning incompetence have no place in Kansas. The Libtards are displaying their contempt for this country and will pay.


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