Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids Confronts Tougher Challenge From Amanda Adkins

This presser escaped our attention this week because there's a worthwhile change in tone . . . 

The Kansas GOP is stepping up their support of Amanda Adkins and finally admitting she is one of their power players, not just a housewife.

Asking for honesty in politics is too whimsical but a glimpse at red state leaders attempting to step up their game is refreshing.

Here's the pitch that hopes an upcoming red wave will replace incumbent Rep. Sharice Davids . . .


Overland Park, KS – Today, Amanda Adkins earned another endorsement from Congressman Ron Estes from Kansas’s Fourth Congressional District. “The stakes couldn’t be higher – without Amanda in Congress we’ll have another two years of the most radical policies from the squad led by AOC and Pelosi forced upon us and rubber-stamped by Sharice Davids. That’s why we need a leader like Amanda in Congress who’ll join me in ALWAYS putting Kansas families first, instead of Pelosi’s liberal pet projects.”

Ron Estes is an outspoken Republican leader in Congress representing Kansas’s Fourth Congressional District which represents Wichita and South Central Kansas. Throughout his career, Estes has promoted issues important to growth and opportunity for all Kansans, and conservative solutions to drive change across the nation.

“I am honored to earn the endorsement of a dedicated leader from our state like Ron Estes,” said Adkins. “The support from so many respected Republican voices puts us in a position to return KS-03 to the values that have made this state great. Our motto “to the stars through difficulty” means we create our own opportunity through a belief in the power of the individual and the hard work of our families.”

Adkins won the Republican primary handily and outperformed the top of the ticket in Johnson County in the 2020 elections. Adkins recently launched her campaign for the 2022 election cycle with the support and encouragement of the former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his wife Susan Pompeo, as well as numerous members of congress.

Amanda is a businesswoman, mother and social entrepreneur. For the past 15 years, she worked as an executive at Cerner Corporation, a global Kansas City based healthcare and information technology company.

Professionally Amanda has advised providers and employers across the United States on how to cut healthcare costs and improve health outcomes for individuals and families. In the course of this work, she has been a leader for consideration of social determinants of health in communities (SDOH). A belief in the importance of SDOH was a major consideration when she founded Systems of Care Initiative (SOCI), a philanthropic organization dedicated to helping young children be healthy and ready for kindergarten and later success in life.

Amanda is the former chairwoman of the Kansas Republican Party, where she achieved unprecedented election success while serving two terms from 2009-2013. Amanda led a “Clean Sweep” in the 2010 election cycle winning all Federal and statewide races and increasing majorities in the legislature. Her tenure in politics is marked by promotion of women in leadership positions. Adkins is co-founder of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Excellence in Public Service Series whose mission is to prepare Republican women to seek greater involvement in leadership, government and politics.

Developing . . .


  1. She doesn’t represent Kansans, she represents Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and the Dimwit band of lying, cheating thugs. This AOC wannabe will be one of the Congress people to lose its seat.

  2. Sharice thinks Maryland should be a state. She’s a fucking idiot.

  3. Sharice thinks pussy is a food group.

  4. ^^And yet she will take Davids out. Weird.

  5. And she's a MOM!

  6. Byron Funkhouser4/24/21, 2:01 PM

    But has she written a children's book about Sharice's big mouth?

  7. 2:01: No, Adkins has not written a children's book.

    But she's a MOM!

    1. But I’m a lesbian Indian, and the perfect Democrat, because I am a lesbian Indian, making me a perfect Democrat. I am incompetent and wrote a kids book during the time I was supposed be at work. Did I tell you I sold the book to Wynadot County so I could receive an ungodly amount of money for a shit product. Oh, and, finally, I fashion myself after a mental giant in Congress, AOC.

  8. Adkins is just another JOCO MAGAT corporate c*nt. Nothing more.

  9. I would have sexual intercourse with Ms. Adkins.

  10. @1:41 Best comment of the week! Too funny!

  11. Yeah...But can she much carpet like Sharice? That's what I want to know.

  12. Sharice Davids, after losing re-election in 2022, will get a job at Nebraska Furniture Mart selling carpet. She likes to sell carpet, and eat carpet. She is a great carper layer.


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