Kansas Professor Talks Driving While Black

Like it or not, there is a statistically verifiable trend which indicates that Black people are stopped more often by the po-po . . . However, as always, smart people can overpower probability with a few important hacks and a bit of planning. For instance, TKC tries to drive naked during the Summer in order to avoid any concern about concealment.

Check even smarter advice highlghted by the BEST & BRIGHTEST KICK-ASS TKC Readers . . .

What Black drivers are doing to protect themselves during traffic stops

Mindful of statistics that show Black drivers are more likely to be pulled over by police, some African Americans have taken extra precautions to stay safe behind the wheel.


  1. Young black males are also arrested, charged and convicted disproportionately more for violent crime and murder, guess why...because they commit disproportionately more violent crime.

  2. Man, why you gotta go and spoil a good story and narrative with like, pointing to statistics, and shit... you ALWAYS do this, man! I’m sick of it...

  3. Carrying a gun and robbing people seems to be what all those getting killed had in common. And drugs. Mention that in your training. All of course also involved in felon behavior.

  4. Driving while black and stupid and having warrants and no license and no lights and driving 90 in a 35mph zone and.....

    Stop with the crybaby bullshit stories already, blacks do dumb shit all the time and deserve to be pulled over, stop breaking the law and nobody will bother you dumb mutha fu........

    1. Everyone remember this white people are perfect!(yea right)

    2. I’m a guy that pulled over by a black cop for not wearing a seat belt I followed his instructions, he wrote me a ticket and we both went our separate way

      See how that works?

  5. Just another clueless "professor" who has done a "data-driven" analysis, consulted some other academics for their opinions, thrown in some philosophy and social sciences theory, and presents his results as though they have anything to do with reality.
    All the previous comments are right on the mark.
    The "professor" needs to schedule a ride-along with the KCPD cops in East Patrol during the dog watch, which starts at 7:30pm and runs through 6:30am. He needs to stay the whole time and gather some practical information and experiences to add to his "analysis".
    And the reason that more black males put themselves in jeopardy with the police is that they think they can behave anyway they want and even resist arrest.
    Just keep in mind that such ridiculous "anti-crime" programs as Aim4Peace and KC NoVa came from college professors.


  6. Precautions while driving black is....Don't run from police, when stopped do what the police say, don't resist arrest if you have a warrant, and stop killing the police when they are protecting one of your many riots and or while they are sitting in their cars.






  8. 6:16 The premise here, is that blacks are, because they are worried about police stopping them, do the same exact thing everyone else does.

    Read the article.

    They make sure they have insurance and their tags are current.

    Wow, that is really racist.

    The stats don't lie - cops are LESS likely to shoot a black than a white on a per capita basis.

    Just because you are black and watch the lies on CNN, read the lies in the NY Times and the Washington Post and 95% of the media, in no way, means you have the right to resist arrest.

    You are not, as a group something special and in fact, you are responsible for the lion's share of crime all over the United States LITERALLY, not on a per capita basis.

    31 unarmed black men shot by police out of about 35 million police stops in US in 2020. 21 of them were resisting arrest and I will bet 32 out of 35 of them have serious felonies, exactly like St. George "I-am-doing-enough-Fentanyl-to-actually-kill-a-horse-and-my-lungs-are-swollen-to-three-times-normal Floyd and Daunte I-have-warrants-out-for-felonies-and-am-resisting-arrest Wright.

    Repeated verification equals justifiable belief.

    Blacks repeatedly, incessantly, remorselessly commit crime and we expect the cops to pretend that the facts and the scale of that criminality does not exist as they walk up to the car.

    Shut the fuck up.

  9. The 4th estate is just as corrupt as the Deep State, BIG TECH, Wall Street Globalists and the BLM/AntiFa/D卐M☭CRAT Fascist who seek a authoritarian, totalitarian, Red Chinese, Social Credit Score America where cops go to jail for offenses created out of whole cloth on a day to day basis as the Overton Window of "Blind" Justice moves at light speed at the whim and caprice of Marxist-Brown-Shirt-NAZI pukes in the streets.

    It's the Roman mob come back to life and the bread and circus required to keep them happy is one thing and one thing only.


    Imagine a juror, sitting on the Derek Chauvin Star Chamber Show Trial.

    There is no rule of law, there is only the mob in the streets who flaunt there power, burn and loot (George Floyd 100% off sales are now going on in Minneapolis.) while the media bullshits and lies.

    No one is coming to save you white boy and you had better buy guns, guns and more guns because this will come to blood.

    1. You didn't mention the election, chucklowe! Trump won, by a lot!


  10. As a white man who also likes driving naked like Tony, I also fear the police when I see their lights shining behind me.

  11. CNN, the KC Star and the other Libtard media is all about dividing America into their subgroups so they dislike the other -- man vs. woman, minority vs. non-minority, transgender vs. non-transgender, George Soros' and the Demoncraps' plan is working perfectly.

  12. First law of statistics : Correlation does not equal causation! The idea that the difference is caused by racism is simplistic and likely false.


  13. College Professors are pussies and so out of touch with reality.

    Each college has a huge public safety department with guns to protect the professors.

    Defund Communist universities that spread hate and division like the KU Professor who is obviously racist towards white people.

  14. How about obeying the police officer's commands? That should work every single time.

  15. No matter what color, the person in the photo in the CNN article should get a ticket for not cutting his fingernails.

  16. Are women driving naked too,there needs to be a weight limit

  17. Give the Communist Democrats the states of California, Oregon, Washington and New York. The Communist Democrats can choose which of these four Marxist havens they want to live in.

    Communist Democrat Party hates the Constitution, Christians, law and order and capitalism.

    Let the Communist Democrats form their own Communist United Socialist States of America so the rest of us can live in peace.

    The Communist Democrats can can burn and loot each other's homes and businesses while crying victimhood. Their version of utopia.


    Tip #384
    After passing counterfeit currency, don't linger in your vehicle across the street from the store while you consume illicit narcotics.
    Tip #385
    When store employees come to your vehicle and ask that you return to the store to pay for your stolen merchandise, don't refuse.
    Tip #386
    When police arrive on the scene to deal with your stupid ass, don't resist arrest.
    Tip #387
    When police take you into custody and are handcuffing you, don't place narcotics into your mouth.
    Tip #388
    When police attempt to place you into the backseat of the police SUV, don't fight with them, claim you're claustrophobic, bash your head against the plexiglass divider, and spit out narcotic pills onto the floorboard.
    Tip #389
    When police are forced to remove you from the backseat to control your violent behavior, don't continue kicking and resisting officers.
    Tip #390
    Black Drivers: If you're an unemployed ex-felon, illicit drug addict, who passes counterfeit currency, who overdosed on heroin in March 2020, who was stopped by police in May 2019 in a very similar incident captured on bodycam video, whose diastolic blood pressure was 160, with an abnormally enlarged heart, and a coronary artery occlusion of 90%, who told a paramedic that he took 6 oxycodone/Percocet every 20 minutes....DON'T BREAK THE LAW!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Chris Rock really covered it pretty well is his documentary on tips for getting pulled over by cops. I'm really surprised its not a daily vid for KCPS every morning after the bell rings and the students are sitting, quietly contemplating their subjects.

  20. The black privilege of eternal victimhood and perpetual grievance.


    1. Again, your troll game sucks.

      This particular issue is all about the blacks. We are talking about driving while black, right? And the case made, which you have mo response to, is that instead of dealing with long term issues of character and self-reliance, blacks still live on a low-expectations plantation of their own choosing.

  22. blacks are perpetual victims. Over 70% of black men leave their families and black kids grow up learning how to be life-long welfare recipients. No one can fix the problems blacks encounter except blacks. It’s obvious, welfare, free college, and the many other hand-outs blacks receive have only enabled the black race to continue being a blight on many societies.


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