Kansas LGBT Conversation Therapy Ban Coming Soon To Rock Chalk Town

At least one protection for youngsters is in the works across the State Line and that brings this satirical headline to mind . . .

Babylon Bee: Arkansas Passes Controversial Bill To Ban Chopping Off Kids' Legs If They Think They're A Mermaid

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Lawrence could ban conversion therapy for LGBTQ minors

LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) - Lawrence would ban so-called gay conversion therapy for LGBTQ minors under an ordinance that is headed to the city council for consideration. The Lawrence Journal-World reports that the city commission will take up the ordinance on Tuesday.


  1. Freaktown, full of Fruits and Nuts. Plan ass that simple.


  2. Lawrence has more serious problems, but, have to push that "left" agenda upon it's followers

  3. I bet lickass is out there now drunk on his ass and raising hell that that’s racist.

  4. There's just so much "conversion therapy" going on it needs to be moved to the very top of the public agenda.
    What a shame these elected people just can't find the guts to say NO to more of these one-issue groups.
    And a "group" means about four people.

  5. I don't think anyone sane agrees with conversion therapy but why is it at the top of the agenda? It's not like it is common anymore. There are bigger problems to worry about such as crime, homicides, unemployment, homelessness, and the cost of housing.

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