Kansas Highway Patrol Harassment And Discrimination Testimony

Here's a very brave person going on the record to call out alleged systemic issues with a local law enforcement agency.

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Former Kansas Highway Patrol trooper talks about what led to her resignation

It was close to a year ago that KMBC 9 Investigates broke the story of multiple women suing the Kansas Highway Patrol and the state of Kansas.


  1. Too bad Republican MAGATS believe all cops are donut boys.

    1. Sorry, you've been pro police since when exactly?

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  5. unmarried female gets pregnant, wants a transfer and will be off duty for a year and she sues over being taken out of a class? Who patrols her district when she is off babysitting? They don't have "extra" substitutes. That's the problem. Also a fraternization issue.
    Want to be treated equally? Don't get knocked up.

  6. Many police depts won't allow a husband/wife team to work in the same area.

  7. Probably an on duty cop posting on the clock


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