Kansas Guv Kelly Wants To Keep Free Money

Conservative blogging attacks the Kansas Guv by way of worthwhile economic issues that most people don't understand.

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Kelly vetoes tax relief in SB 50, wants to keep 'found wallet' - The Sentinel

Gov. Laura Kelly on Friday vetoed SB 50, legislation that would have reversed state tax increases resulting from the 2017 federal tax cut. A large portion of the nearly $100 million in annual tax relief in Senate Bill 50 is returning what has been described as a 'found wallet.'


  1. The Libtards want to destroy the take-home pay of the U.S. working men and women and give it to illegals and citizens who want to sit on their azzes all day. The Libtards love it when the populace depends on big government for handouts. Take from the working people and give it to everyone else. That's their mantra.

  2. "Nonsense" with arrows pointing to your name. You nailed it, big boy!

  3. socialist tax happy kunt. free crap and no covid tests for illegals. MORE TAXES FOR YOU


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