Kansas GOP: Reopen Nursing Homes

The latest chapter in the fight over pandemic precautions . . .

A recent bill passed by lawmakers would prohibit state and county officials from restricting visitors to adult nursing homes to prevent the transmission of a disease. Every resident or his legal representative would also have the right to waive such restrictions, including those of the federal government.

The effects of Senate Bill 303 are limited because there are relatively few county-owned nursing homes in Kansas. Even so, politicians used the bill as a platform to condemn visiting rules for all types of elderly care.

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Kansas lawmakers decry federal COVID-19 nursing home visitation rules as 'tyranny'

When the pandemic was at full force, Kansas Republican lawmakers took aim at Gov. Laura Kelly's COVID-19 emergency orders. Earlier this year, they wrapped in local COVID-19 orders into their target list, portraying the orders as an infringement on individual freedoms. Limits on both are now Kansas law, but their battle against virus restrictions isn't done.


  1. "Kansas lawmakers decry federal COVID-19 nursing home visitation rules as 'tyranny'"

    Kansas lawmakers decry federal (fill in the blank) except farm and big business subsidies as 'tyranny.'

    There. Fixed it for you.

  2. Kansas GOP: Reopen Nursing Homes...and institutionalize Kelly and Norman


  3. It's all about communist control over you. But hey I don't need to go anywhere so.....

  4. So the Kansas GOP nursing home plan is to adopt the Governor Cuomo plan.

    Makes perfect sense. Let the death panels begin.


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