Kansas Department Of Labor Keeps Working On Garbage Website One Year Into COVID

This has been one of the most embarrassing Midwest FAILS of the pandemic. What's worse is that we're not sure if we believe that our Republican friends will invest in fixing the social safety net tech.

Meanwhile, THOUSANDS of workers in Kansas paid into unemployment insurance and keep getting short changed.

Check-it . . .

State of Kansas will try to modernize its unemployment claims system

The state of Kansas will try to modernize its unemployment claims system. It's been slow to pay out claims and has been hit with hundreds of millions of dollars in fraudulent claims.One day last year, the Kansas Department of Labor received a claim from a Topeka woman saying she was out of work.


  1. put the dmv in charge


  2. Didn't they say that last time? Pretty sure they did.

  3. As with most dem money projects his is a slush fund to reward donors and funnel donations back to the party using your taxes.

    It's not suppose to work, its supposed to be a bottomless money pit.


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