Kansas City Royals Worth Less

Economic money line regarding the fading fortunes of this cowtown . . .

"The Royals rank 28th out of the 30 MLB teams on Forbes’ annual ranking. Forbes values the Royals at $1.06 billion, slightly more than the Tampa Bay Rays at $1.055 billion and the Miami Marlins at $990 million. The magazine puts the Royals’ revenue at $109 million and estimates an operating loss of $37 million."

More deets here for subscribers . . .

Royals rank near bottom of team valuations by Forbes, Sportico - Kansas City Business Journal

Not even a new ranking that includes related businesses and real estate can lift the Kansas City Royals out of the cellar for team valuations.


  1. After the MLB boneheaded move last week this year is going to be tough for baseball. They’ve pissed off a measurable percentage of fans. If I wanted a side of social justice with my stadium beer I’d go watch the Chiefs play.

  2. true, and paying $600 for a couples evening seems like conspicuous waste.

    going to check out the monarchs alternative.

  3. The Royals are racist because they don’t have enough Black players.

  4. Headline should say Royals are worthless. MLB is dying. With the latest move, they sped up the process.


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