Kansas City Worships Dirt This Weekend

Recognizing the sins of the past is important. However, and old jug of soil as the centerpiece of memorial might not be as poignant as our hipster friends realize.

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Kansas City Prepares To Honor A Lynching Victim With A Simple, But 'Profound' Jar Of Soil

A soil collection ceremony on Saturday will honor the life of Levi Harrington, who was lynched in Kansas City 139 years ago. Will the event help foster reconciliation and a better understanding of past and present racial violence in Missouri?


  1. Maybe the guy deserved it.
    What was his crime?

  2. Well that's certainly bound to make some of KC's 250 million yearly visitors want to rush to 18th and Vine to see this remarkable exhibit.

  3. ^^^ lulz!

    Should we bottle some dirt for the over 1600 koloreds killed by their own people over the last ten years too?

    Sounds more like a desperate attempt to keep all eyes on whitey but don’t look behind the curtain at the massive pile of black on black murder victims.

    You can run but you can’t hide the facts mayor mcracist.

  4. The story is T's click-bait trap of the day. 9:34, read the article. He was a black man lynched for being accused of killing a white police officer, and by the next day they had already figured out they were wrong and had caught the real killer. It was a horrible event from a time in our history with warped morales in many regards. Justice and opportunity were denied to many for no reason other than race. Sadly, IMHO, the recent revisting of our past sins has more to due with power grabs by thosd that wish to exploit them for selfish gain than any real desire to understand, atone, and finally move on.


  5. And what about the racial violence of black people killing white people on the walking trails? Does that count or is this all about hate whitey?

    This is all about hate whitey and stirring up things of the past that we had nothing to do with. Who killed who yesterday? That's right it was blacks that killed whitey.

  6. Hardly any money comes into the black "charity" coffers when the thousands upon thousands of black-on-black murders are discussed. It's the white-on-black crimes that get the cash register humming for these groups and make their leaders rich as hell.

  7. They misspelled Levi Harrington! Hahahahaha!

  8. Maybe we should collect jars of dirt for all the white people murdered by racist blacks and store them in a city owned and operated building paid for with taxpayer money just like this one. I can think of six people to add off the top of my head, and that was just one racist black murderer.

  9. Maybe we should round up all you racist pigs and bury you alive.

  10. Luke X. Martin is a douchebag reporter focusing on race, culture and ethnicity for KCUR 89.3....in other words, he's a Liberal propagandist tasked with inciting violence between the racial groups.

    KCUR is an affiliate of National Public Radio (NPR) which itself is wholly aligned with the Liberal Democratic Party, and seeks to advance an agenda including pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-transgender, pro-BLM, pro-violence/arson/looting, and the destruction of America.


  11. BLACKS



  12. @10:18 - Burying people alive is the specialty of Communists.

    The North Koreans, North Vietnamese and Soviet Communists too great gless burying Christians alive.

    The Democrat Party Communists believe in burying freedom loving Americans as 10:18 proudly desires.

    Another reason for freedom loving Americans to fight for the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms.

    The Communist Democrats like 10:18 want to bury you alive.

  13. @10:18 - Communists like you take great glee burying freedom loving citizens.


  14. RACISM, RACISM, RACISM - the white Marxists, Corporate Media, and the Democrat Party play the race card to divide black and white Americans in order to take control of the United States.

    What have these Marxist Democrats done for you to improve your life other than cause hate and division ?

    Jeff Bezos, the Democrat Party's icon and founder of Amazon, once again defeated his Amazon warehouse workers and drivers from unionizing. The Democrat Party is phony; they don't care about workers, it's all about money and power.

  15. 10:18 I forgot, you people claim that facts are racist. I’m going to the trail today to dig up six jars of dirt and demanding they be put along side those jars at the negro museum, you know, just so they don’t forget that racist blacks killed more whites than whites killed blacks.

    Suck it you racist piglet! Hahahahaha!

  16. Just plain stupid!

  17. 10:18 If only you would try.


  18. Amazing to me the left is just obsessed with race and it's detrimental to our country. If you want proof, look at her statement in this article; “As a country … we have essentially planted seeds of terror,”

    Our country is flawed as are most countries, but, we are a great country that respects our history, good and bad and learns from them both as to not repeat the bad and build on the good.

    But, there is a concerted effort by the left to divide and tear this country apart. Look no further than Sheila Jackson-Lee the idiot from Texas who can't do anything without interjecting race....her current bill in the House is the first step to reparations.

    Should reparations gain any more steam in this country I am afraid we will see a full blown race war that will divide us more than we are.

    Until we move forward and stop this race baiting crap and people understand that it's the democrats and their followers who are dividing us.

  19. The dude's stained shorts after the hanging would be better than dirt.

  20. If only all these folks who are suddenly so "traumatized" by events that took place decades ago and they never even knew about until it became "trendy", showed just a little bit of their fake concern about all the murders, dysfunction, child abuse, and violence that the residents of their own community that are taking place EVERY DAY right now.
    March around about events elsewhere in the country.
    And look the other way and walk right by the latest homicide scene on your own block.

  21. White people also got lynched during this period of time. Did we forget this? What are we planning on doing them ?

  22. There's no excuse for any lynching. That's why we have courts, judges, and juries. In many cases, Blacks were frequently lynched for crimes they didn't commit or for competing too successfully against white business owners.


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