Kansas City Will NEVER Get The NHL Hockey Team We Were Promised

Friday night follow-up on one of the many lies that built the downtown real estate bubble that continues to disappoint.

Tonight we notice news of an NHL team and big bucks that made it happen whilst Kansas City was forced to turn a sporting venue into a C-list concert arena.

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Seattle Kraken officially become 32nd NHL team after final $650m payment

The Seattle Kraken are free to make trades and sign players after making their final expansion payment to the National Hockey League. Seattle owners paid $650m (£470m) to become the NHL's 32nd franchise. The Kraken begin play next season.


  1. The whole nhl hockey team thing was a lie to get people to buy into spending hundreds of millions of dollars for kickbacks to the developers and Kay Barnes, duped again suckers!

  2. We need a law in Missouri to prohibit state employees from patronizing or publicly supporting professional or collegiate athletics while on the state payroll.

  3. No shit Sherlock? You're just now reaching this conclusion?

  4. Oh, the Kraken like the one Sidney Powell was going to release about all the election fraud that actually didn't happen?

    Ah, chucklowes, stuck in their own little world.

  5. 100 Days from America First to America Last: GM Joins Ford and Moves Automotive Plant to Mexico to Escape Biden Taxes

    That concept is so hard for liberals to wrap their heads around.

  6. To get an NHL team you need about a dozen top 1000 business HQ's. Kc has three, Hallmark, Cerner, Garmin. No chance in hell.

  7. Hallmark corner and farming aren’t Fortune 500 companies

    KC does not have one Fortune 500company HQ here

    Not saying to be mean or negative, just realistic about policy wishes and desires, and another pro team requires big Corp sponsorships and luxury suites and stuff that we just don’t have and so shouldn’t chase after


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