Kansas City Water Bills MIGHT Drop

An empty promise an update on one of many ways that this town desperately needs federal cash for REAL INFRASTRUCTURE improvements like new storm sewers and busted pipes.

Sadly, the "racial justice" component of the Prez Biden plan make it destined to be flushed by divided Beltway leadership.

Here's just a splash of local hype . . .

KC Water agreement could save consumers money

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - KC Water announced a new agreement Wednesday - between the city, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Justice - that could save consumers money. The deal also will allow for more efficient overflow control. KC Water has been working for more than three years to try to reduce the burden for waste-water services.


  1. I'll believe it when I see it.

  2. Byron Funkhouser4/9/21, 10:00 AM

    Right! Want to buy a bridge?

  3. Oh no!!! Whaaa!!! Nothing good can be true!!! Whaaa!!! Everything is rotten all the time!!! Whaaa!!! No good news ever!!!! Whaaa!!!!

  4. And they’ve only been working on it three years and we might see a decrease in water bills.

    I’m betting the free rent crowd will probably get free water when the city rebuilds all those burned out and collapsed land bank properties and only at five times the cost to build new ones amirite!

    I have a novel idea, build these dumbfucks tiny homes like they did the military vets, it worked for them. Tear down those third world burned out buildings in the hood and put those tiny homes there, I guarantee it will be way cheaper.

    Go ahead mayor mcracist, use my idea, I don’t care, it’s free advice and it didn’t take 30 consultants and millions of dollars to come up with, go ahead, tell your dimwit leftist overlords it was your brilliant idea, you would’ve anyway.

  5. ^^zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. The Water Department is such a mess. They send a bill every 3 or 4 months and it always says, WE ARE GOING TO SHUT YOUR WATER OFF FOR NON PAYMENT!!!

    Hey morons, how about sending a bill once a month and we would pay it on time.

  7. ^^How about you just pay your bills fuckface.

  8. Wall E. Weasel4/9/21, 1:12 PM

    Bills might drop? Look again, Tony. Nobody involved has even hinted at a rate decrease. What's been 'promised' is a lowering of the acceleration of the rate increases over the next twenty years. Wastewater charges will still increase continuously, just not as fast as originally projected. Maybe.

    The target is to reduce annual rate increases to only 6%. That means at best your wastewater charge will only increase by 321% over the life of this project. Celebrate!

    This all assumes the experimental green stormwater remediation actually works well enough to satisfy the EPA. The plan is to store stormwater locally and regionally instead of letting it enter the combined sewer system. If it doesn't work KCMO will have wasted the money and will need the sewer upgrades anyway.

    Meanwhile, KCMO is still accepting 1/3 of Johnson County's wastewater for treatment while JoCo upgrades its infrastructure to meet current and FUTURE regulations. Such an alien concept to KCMO's leaders.

    1. ^^^^ Damn good comment. Called out a disagreement with T and gave lots of important info. Nicely done Wall E.

  9. Love me some incinerater smoke stack. Breathe deep.


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