Thursday, April 15, 2021

Kansas City Upscale Independent Magazine Debuts Doggie Style Issue

Right now take a peek at local print tribute to a VERY good cause and a quick glimpse at one of the very few local publications with pages that aren't filled with politicized social justice screeds that only serve to assuage the middle-class white guilt of publishers.

Whilst we may not share the demographics of the trendy, luxury niche market who read The Independent, we respect their consistency.

The 2021 Paw Print Issue

A celebration of the remarkable pets of Our Town.


Anonymous said...

That little dog would be a snack for my special friends in Central Hyde Park. They keep them for awhile and then they disappear. Then the remains are trash dumped on the neighbors property, if they only have one bag that is.

Anonymous said...

Very hard to realize "that thing" is descended from a wolf. But, then again, chimpy is from a gorilla.