Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Kansas City Tuesday Link Pool: Lindsey Dives Into OnlyFans, Prez Biden Lifts Wages, COVID Surges & Masks Persist

Right now was share a peek at hottie Lindsey offering up her groundbreaking OnlyFans goodness along with a glimpse at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

Double Decker Payday

Kansas City Southern mulling dueling railroad takeover bids

OMAHA, Neb. - As deal talks begin, Canadian National railroad said Monday it is receiving broad support for its $33.7 billion bid to buy Kansas City Southern. Canadian National said that more than 400 shippers and other stakeholders have submitted letters supporting its offer, including some who previously supported Canadian Pacific's $25 billion bid to buy Kansas City Southern .

Traffic Trouble Today

Armed suspect in custody after armed standoff on Hwy. 152 near Brighton

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- All lanes of Missouri Highway 152 were briefly closed between Brighton Avenue and Interstate 435 due to a police standoff on the Northland highway. Based on the suspect's actions, officers utilized less lethal munitions about 7:45 a.m. Tuesday in order to take the person into custody without further incident.

Local Vaxx Redux

Johnson County health leaders say benefits outweigh risks with taking J&J vaccine

MISSION, Kan. - The use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine may have been reinstated, but some people still have reservations about getting the one dose shot. "I have some concern for others," Cathy Lilleston said. Lilleston received her Pfizer vaccine, but considered all three options.

Hotties Earn Big Bucks

OnlyFans Reports $390 Million In Revenue And 120 Million Active Users

OnlyFans proves that there are still ways to make money without ads. The company also reported $74 million in pre-tax profits. And no, it's not only about sex. You may have dismissed OnlyFans as the platform for sex workers and celebrities.

CDC: Unmask Outdoors But Crowds Require Face Coverings

Here's what outdoor activities are safe to do without a mask, according to the CDC

Outdoor activities are safe without masks - regardless of whether a person is vaccinated - as long as people are either alone or with immediate family members, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday. And fully vaccinated people can gather safely outdoors without masks in small groups.

Prez Biden Bumps Pay

Biden To Establish $15-An-Hour Minimum Wage For Federal Contractors

subscribe to The NPR Politics Podcast podcast President Biden will require federal contractors to pay their employees a minimum wage of $15 an hour starting March 30, 2022, senior administration officials say - a hike that will benefit a few hundred thousand people and underscore the broader Democratic push to raise the federal pay floor to the same level.

MAGA Doesn’t Remember

After 100 days out of office, Trump's support softens in NBC News poll

WASHINGTON - Out of office, off of Twitter, still complaining about the election results - the last 100 days or so haven't been kind to Donald Trump, our new national NBC News poll finds.

Plague Hits India

As Covid sweeps India, experts say cases and deaths are going unreported

India, home to the world's worst ongoing coronavirus outbreak, has reported more than 17.6 million cases since the pandemic began last year.

Save Portland!!!

After Nearly a Year of Unrest, Portland Leaders Pursue a Crackdown

PORTLAND, Ore. - After the protests have concluded, sometimes in the early morning hours, Margaret Carter finds herself climbing into her gray Toyota Camry and cruising the streets of Portland so she can see the latest damage forherself.

Sauce Bosses Debut

Mahomes, Hill, Mathieu, others featured on new limited-edition Chiefs sauces

Spicin Foods, a Kansas City-based manufacturer of over 1,500 sauce and rub products, announced Tuesday it is the maker of the "Official Sauces of the Kansas City Chiefs." According to a news release, the multiyear agreement allows Spicin Foods to manufacture and sell Kansas City Chiefs-branded barbecue and hot sauces, with three new products launching on Friday.

Local Land Deal

Marlborough Community Land Trust brings hope and ownership to its community

Little Joe Bonner in front of his new home from MCLT.// Courtesy of Marlborough Community Land Trust. Community land trusts officially began in Georgia in 1969 as part of the southern civil rights movement. They provided affordable housing to people who were racially and economically discriminated against (often one in the same).

Forecast For Now

Warm and windy Tuesday, scattered rain transitioning to downpours for Wednesday


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Anonymous said...

"After 100 days out of office, Trump's support softens in NBC News poll"

Translation: Not much support for a bloated orange zombie loser.

Anonymous said...

Like a puppet-master, Obama has his hand up Basement Biden's azz and is leading the country toward disaster. Packing the court, taking away guns, wiping out gas and oil, destroying the country's borders, letting transgenders compete against biological women, etc. ... the Libtards have lost their minds.

Anonymous said...

So much for Biden being a moderate and unifying the country. He's being played like a warped, crusty violin. What's worse is he has no clue he's being played.

Anonymous said...

they can't even sell Mahomes cereal for one dollar how are they going to sell sauces?

The CDC says the opposite. They say COVID is down and mask requirements are lifting in some areas.

Couldn't be more wrong on the Trump issue we are not softening we are strengthening audits are looking good and exposure of the steal and the violence from the left is being revealed. Just take a look at what John Kerry did with Iran now that's big time treason and so is what Maxine Waters did interfering with jurors.

Anonymous said...

^^OK Boomer. Did you watch Matlock today? You love the Matlock remember?

Anonymous said...

Mahomie's sauce wasn't so hot in the Super Bowl.

Tampa Bay 31 - Chiefs 9

Mahomie's 0 TD's and 3 INT's

QB Rating of minus -(85)

Anonymous said...

Portland can’t be saved. The problem is, the average Portland resident is a limp-dicked Birkenstock-wearing homosexual. They would rather see their shithole city destroyed than get tough with the other homosexuals causing all the damage. They deserve what they get for not defending their city.

Anonymous said...

Historically, it’s not much different than those five or six Missouri Confederate guys that burned Lawrence to the ground and drank all their whiskey and fucked all their women. Lawrence men were too chickenshit to fight back.

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden soiled his diaper during his Zoom meeting with world leaders.

Anonymous said...

^ CNN reported that Diaper Joe Biden has been wandering around the West Wing at nights wiping his ass on the silk window curtains that Betsy Ross sewed.

Truly sad.

Anonymous said...

^^ CNN also reported that Diaper Joe Biden takes his clothes off, sits on the carpet bare-assed, then pulls himself along the carpet with his arms like a Golden Retriever with worms.

Very sad situation in the White House these days.

Anonymous said...

^^OK Boomer. It's Tapioca Tuesday...go get it boy!

Anonymous said...

seriously nobody has any faith in an NBC poll.... they lie constantly

Clayton Bigsby said...

But I bet you sucked atleast 1 cock and it was probably your grandfather when he threatened to toss you out of the basement

Anonymous said...

Belinda Post is back on tv and no one informed me. Damn I thought you people were my friends.