Kansas City Thespian Paul Rudd B-Day Celebrated By All The Internets

Quick peek at Kansas City's local treasure and all of the Internets wishing him well.

Whilst we aren't big fans of his movies, it's kinda cool how this local name checks this town and even his suburb in MSM interviews.

Here's a far more complimentary write-up . . .

It's Paul Rudd's birthday and the internet is a little obsessed

Popular internet person Paul Rudd turned 52 today, having survived his "Hot Ones" apperance/ScreenshotToday is Paul Rudd's fifty-second birthday, and you'd never know it to look at the man. In the year 2021, Rudd looks like he just walked off the set of Clueless-which he somehow did almost thirty years ago.


  1. Screw that left wing twat.


  2. I don't even know who this person is. Where is his mask?

  3. ^^^ LOL on @1:42


  4. Paul Rudd is your typical annoying Applebee's waiter.

  5. Says the asshole who never tips anyway.


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