Kansas City Terror War Tribute Coming Soon

Organizers have been trying to raise funds for this landmark for year without much success. With the U.S. retreat from Afghanistan allegedly coming soon . . . Explaining the conflict to residents will become even more difficult.

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Kansas City foundation plans virtual Global War on Terror memorial for fallen service members

The American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation announced it is no longer pursuing a large, physical memorial and museum. While the nonprofit hopes to have some amount of a physical presence in Kansas City, Kansas, the majority of its information will now be in a virtual gallery.


  1. Sloppy Joe follows his mind master BoBo Obama by telling our enemies our military plans ahead of time. Thanks to both for this crap.

  2. ^^and yet nothing seemed to happen and Biden is actually doing what Trump lied about doing. Weird.

  3. ^^^^^ Looks like Sloppy Joe's mouth hugger has awakened.

  4. ^^Says Trump's bottom. Weird.

  5. I hope they honor the Capital police officer murdered by the traitorous, insurrectionist MAGATS.

  6. ^11:20 - Are you talking about the Marxist Islamic Terrorist Democrat, Noah Green?

    Funny how you and the media never want to mention the Marxist Democrat killed the Capitol Police officer and severely wounded another.

    This murder by the Democrat happened just a couple of weeks ago but CNN, MSBBC, ABC never discuss it.

  7. ^^because it's not true loser. That's why. Do better.

    1. Dr. Chimpy! Go ahead and Google it! I mean, that's what you have in place of a brain anyway! Lol

  8. Assistant Crack-Whore4/14/21, 1:09 PM

    Every fallen warrior died fighting Israel's enemies.

  9. why would we want a memorial to a lie?


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