Kansas City 'Taco Bell Cantina' Coming Soon

A horrific gut busting addition to cowtown cuisine is soon to debut.

Booze and Taco Bell are a time-honored tradition but instead of junk food washing down a night of drinking . . . This quick service "experience" cuts out the convenience store middle-man.

It's an interesting gambit sure to wreak havoc on local toilets.

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Taco Bell appears to be bringing its cult-favorite Cantina concept to KC

A Taco Bell Cantina/Courtesy photoDocuments suggest Taco Bell appears to be poised to bring its cult-favorite Cantina concept to Westport. The news was first reported by the Kansas City Star (paywall), which seemed surprised to find a liquor license application for a Taco Bell.


  1. Nothing like Mexican food cooked and served by BLM supporters.

  2. F blm and pepsi co ! meat is mixed with filler like cardboard soon it will be meal worms mixed with cardboard with no beef. Meanwhile good old Pepsi co has couple of buildings full of tax attorneys making sure they dont pay a dime, while CEO and company comes out and tell you to vote for more taxes. Corrupt company promotes corrupt voting. wReckoning hot sauce coming soon.

  3. Good thing about a Taco Bell locating in your neighborhood, is that mice, rats, cats and dogs all disappear and are no longer a nuisance.

  4. Can't wait to try it.


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