Kansas City Suffers 'Blood Emergency' As COVID Dries Up Donations

Here's desperate local call for the gift of life . . . In practical terms that aren't often highlighted: the upcoming Spring/Summer shooting spree typically requires a great deal of local blood to keep victims of gunfire alive.

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Community Blood Center declares a blood emergency

We're a year into the pandemic and the local blood supply has again dropped dangerously low.


  1. You want some blood, I will happily share. However, I will not play your progressive obedience game of face diapering. You remove that requirement, and I'll show up. They're even playing that BS in areas outside of Jackson.


  2. As soon as Fauci calls off the virus then maybe we will give blood.

  3. They had an event in an unmasked County where people happily lived throughout the summer of 'rona without face diapers. But, they're progressives from a progressive city and wanted to play their stupid games. When I drove by it, the parking lot looked emptier than off-season voting day in KC.


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