Kansas City Still Dreams Of 'Silicon Prairie' Internets Renaissance Promised

Not so long ago a bevy of startups promised that their sketchy websites, apps and social media platforms would usher in a gold age for this town. 

Sadly, those jobs and good times promised never materialized and the hype for a cowtown "Silicon Prairie" mostly functioned as merely an excuse to have a few biz conferences. 

As always, here's the latest round in that discussion that might actually offer a few jobs on this nicer side of the bridge . . .

A Massive Northland Data Center Could Help Kansas City Become A National Tech Hub

The council voted unanimously in support of a development plan and industrial revenue bonds for a data center complex at the northwest corner of Interstate 435 and U.S. Highway 169, straddling Clay and Platte counties.


  1. I don't think so. Maybe if they make bullet proof suits because even the northland has become dangerous and full of crime. Things are looking great in Brookside I hear you can't even eat lunch in Panera without getting shot at. Lucas you have out done yourself.

  2. even the northland has become dangerous and full of crime.

    Do you have the stats to prove that statement?

    Because it's wrong.

  3. The only way that KCMO could become a national data hub is if it could be moved to one of the coasts.
    The Star is trying its best to make believe KC is just like San Francisco, but somehow a pig with lipstick is still easily identifiable.

  4. Never gonna happen. Keep dreaming tho!

  5. Sure, they will open a 10,000 phone call center.


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