Kansas City Star Supports COVID Vaccine Passports And Travel Restrictions

We talked about this last week and warned that it just might kill the new airport.

Now on Monday morning the newspaper is finally catching up. 

Here's the money line from the newspaper advocating for greater restriction of movement and threatening a global lockdown without verification . . . Mostly, it's just another effort to slam the governor . . .

"Let’s keep in mind that it wouldn’t be the first rule individual Americans have to follow to protect the whole. It’s not political — it’s about smart public health policy. We all have to maintain car insurance to drive legally, and a driver’s license to prove we’ve gotten some level of training to keep ourselves and our fellow motorists safe. Children are required to be vaccinated before attending public school."

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Vaccine passports are a matter of Missouri getting back to normal, not politics

Gov. Mike Parson's announced Thursday that he will not require Missourians to show they've been inoculated against COVID-19 with a "vaccine passport" - meaning he's deflecting the responsibility to keep people safe onto businesses and municipalities. "If the private sector wants to do that, I'm fine with that," Parson told reporters.


  1. do not believe the CDC is responding as to whether or not people who have had the vaccine can still get the virus and then shed the virus or not. Nor would they probably respond to whether or not the vaccine itself cause people to carry/shed the virus when they did not have the virus before. So is this to 'protect' the people who did not get the vaccine but may even be immune b/c they had the virus and developed immunity naturally? Will vaccinated people be required to wear mask still? There are people with medical conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis, that may not want to get the vaccine because it can cause their condition to get worse, but so far doctors say although no proof one way or another, the benefits outweigh the risk.

    “Although there is limited data from large population-based studies, it appears that patients with autoimmune and inflammatory conditions are at a higher risk for developing hospitalized COVID-19 compared to the general population and have worse outcomes associated with infection,” said Dr. Jeffrey Curtis, chair of the ACR COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Guidance Task Force. “Based on this concern, the benefit of COVID-19 vaccination outweighs any small, possible risks for new autoimmune reactions or disease flare after vaccination.” NEW AUTOiMmUNE REACTIONS? What does that mean a whole other kind or the one u got? NO F******CKN THX. I do not have RA, alopecia areata, and if i went bald i do not have a nice smooth head due to a bunch of steroid injections in scalp when i was younger, now use derma roller and apply topical, something i never heard from a DR and works very well, at least better than topical alone and as well as injections, w/out atrophy/denting/divots. Last dr i saw, who asked if i wanted injections, i told him about derma roller & topical gel and he was like 'ohhhh ok'. Later told i had to make another f*****ckn appointment to get the prescription refilled. What are the ages/health condition of this group they say have higher risk of getting/being hospitalized/dying covid? https://www.forbes.com/sites/judystone/2021/02/17/covid-19-vaccines-and-autoimmune-disease/?sh=36ba588a4892

    Because of variants, are they going to require people to gets vaccines every year & a booster if they want to fly? Or are they going to give people an option to show they had a test prior to flying, if they want to protect people who did not get the vaccine?
    Anyone can fell free to get covid vaccine, and do not believe anyone has to take the CDC's advice and then be denied to fly. I have seen articles that do say that covid vaccines do cause variants, similar to flu vaccine. These articles are impossible to find due to so many other articles about covid and variants, so here is one about the flu. Not sure if that only bc of the manufacturing using eggs, but that is what found on page1 in quick search.


    Maybe they should force teenagers to get shingle vaccines.

    This country, in general, is making me want to take a bus down to Brazil and stay there.


  2. So mayor lickass ordered the commie red star to write an article demanding vaccine passports, sorry mayor, hipa says you don’t get to know my business.

    Remember people, mayor mckneely is paying the star to with our taxpayer money to keep them afloat so they have to print whatever racist and liberal he wants.

  3. Like anyone believes the star that their most their articles aren't political.

  4. Papers please.

  5. This is a whole new type of vaccine with mRNA.

  6. March 12, 2021 "In the U.S., a 2021 study, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, found that two doses of either the Pfizer vaccine or another mRNA vaccine made by Moderna was 88.7% effective at preventing a SARS-CoV-2 infection in adults......When human cells take up the mRNA, they use it to manufacture millions of copies of the [foreign?] protein. These are harmless fragments of the virus, but they provoke an immune response that protects a person against future infection by the whole virus."


  7. harmless mRNA to everybody?

  8. Welcome to Wokestan!

  9. It's become laughable how The Star is on the losing side of every issue

  10. Byron Funkhouser4/5/21, 12:18 PM

    " We all have to maintain car insurance to drive legally"

    What a joke!!!!!!!!!!! I'll bet I could choose 10 cars whose drivers do not have liability insurance, and be correct 8 out of 10. Guess what the drivers would look like. Reason for high uninsured motorists' rates. But of course, thassss racissst!

    1. Just look for paper tags,it's 1 in every 6 cars in KC

  11. "In this article, we firstly present evidence on how Se deficiency promotes mutations, replication and virulence of RNA viruses. "


  12. @ 12:18 - I'll do you one better. I'll put $100 on the table and I'll pick ten out of ten drivers without insurance. It is easy. Paper tag on the car expired at least six months or more. Nine of them at least black. 7 gay, 6 stupid and not reading at grade level and 5 (minimum) carrying an illegally obtained firearm and 4 Homeless. I win! Send me my $100 !

  13. "This country, in general, is making me want to take a bus down to Brazil and stay there."

    Email me. I'll buy your ticket.

  14. Vaccine passports are a matter of Missouri getting back to normal, not politics

    Here is the first sentence from this editorial:

    "Gov. Mike Parson’s announced Thursday that he will not require Missourians to show they’ve been inoculated against COVID-19 with a “vaccine passport” — meaning he’s deflecting the responsibility to keep people safe onto businesses and municipalities."

    Notice anything glaringly INCORRECT and IN VIOLATION of standard English language rules for writers/journalists?

    Yes folks, this is The Kansas City Star Editorial Board's typical inferior work product. Do you want to take a guess who authored this trash, as they never sign their name to their individual work?

    Because the board members hide behind the title "editorial board" we must assign blame to all of them, with special emphasis assigned to the board leader, Mike Fannin.

    Mike Fannin, Derek Donovan, Dave Helling, Melinda Henneberger, Toriano Porter, Michael Ryan = 4 White Males + 1 White Female + 1 Black Male = Politically Liberal Hypocrisy In Action

  15. Normal never included internal passports before and make no mistake that is what they are talking about. One of the hated features of the old Soviet Union is what the Detroit Red Star editorial board is salivating over. Scum!


  16. It's all about communist control over you and the democrats are too stupid to see this. Did you know that Emanuel Cleaver is being laughed at all over the world for his AMEN and AWOMAN statement? The UK are still making fun of him. He's as bad as Jill Biden in her wanna be young again slutty outfit on Easter. Brittney Mathews is not far behind. Democrat women are split tails.


  17. KC Star and D👽mocrat Party wants everyone to have a Covid-19 vaccine passport i.d. but Red Star sez asking voters to show their i.d. to vote is Racist.

    The hypocrisy never ends.

  18. I'll take it in 2025 when it's completed it's trials and it actually approved for use under non-emergency circumstances. Until then they can suck a big ol' dick.

    Social media and gov't are also trying to make the number of people getting vaccinated seem higher than it is to pressure those who don't want to be injected with experimental medicine that killed Hank Aaron. Fuck them

  19. Should the non vaccinated start wearing yellow stars ? Better wake up people the the Karencratic party is communism. They kill those that do not go along.

  20. And just what the F**k are you "Rebels Without A Clue" going to do about it?



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