Kansas City Star Runs Blvd Presser

Shared merely as a peek at the post-COVID news scene. One fading local institution pouring praise over another.

More deets for subscribers . . . UPDATE: Local TV news also runs the presser as well.

Boulevard releasing beers in honor of Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and the Royals

This is a great year for baseball lovers in Kansas City - for multiple reasons. Fans are back at Kauffman Stadium after the stands remained empty in 2020 as a safety precaution during the COVID-19 pandemic. The global health crisis kept the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum from properly celebrating its 100th birthday a year ago.


  1. I bet it leaves a nasty taste in your mouth.

    1. Or maybe it defies the odds and inspires young people to become more than what society and government tell them they are allowed to be.

    2. Or maybe it uncritically becomes a slave to a self-defeating victimhood narrative.

  2. Baseball

  3. At some point there will be a old white league beer for those nostalgic for when whites were a majority, it's coming 2045 is the date.


  4. Blue Moon beer is ten times better than Boulevard Beer.

  5. RE: Boulevard releasing beers in honor of Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and the Royals

    Attempting some PR repair work following their sexual harassment scandals, Boulevard announces the following limited-edition releases to distract area residents:

    "NLB 18th & Vine shooters" - a high-capacity round of killer shots
    "Buck O'Neil's BO" - featuring an aroma of sweat, dirt, and grass
    "Jackie Robinson Stole Bases" - drink one of these and you'll be running from the cops in no time
    "Wilkinson's Monarchs" - this beer is for White liberal drinkers who think they're Black, most will die in poverty at a KC nursing home.

  6. It better be free

  7. ^^Sorry pops, that's socialism. You're against that. Remember?


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