Kansas City Star Rivalry Against Police Worsening Ahead Of Violent Summer

This week the so-called Kansas City paper-of-record continued to target police and the top cop with criticism.

Two editorial offerings provided scathing rebuke of local authorities . . .

Can you see KCPD’s Rick Smith testifying as honestly as Minneapolis chief? We can’t

‘Police beat me’: Two Kansas City officers accused in third excessive force complaint

Despite fewer readers, subscribers and advertisers . . . A few diehard newshounds took notice.

One of our all-time favorite bloggers offered his perspective . . .


His main point . . .

"As KCMO violent crime goes up, the Star decides to attack the police and make their jobs more difficult."

Accordingly . . .

We can only add a humble insight . . . 

As the newspaper fades from relevance it's clear that locals can survive without dead-tree editorials dominating local chatter. Meanwhile, like it or not, police are a far more important public safety resource. It's disappointing to watch one fading institution attempting to bring down another amid an ongoing violent crime spike that impact every Kansas City resident.

Further reading regarding local crime and a glimpse at the KANSAS CITY CRIME SCENE . . .

KCPD detectives used Facebook, rental car data, and KCATA surveillance to identify homicide suspect

Serial kidnapper's truck route took him through Kansas City, FBI says

KC police rescue 2 kids from wrecked car after driver seen pointing gun

Missouri AG files civil lawsuits against four illicit massage businesses in effort to stop human trafficking

Jury convicts man for fatally strangling woman in 2017

Kansas law named after Lenexa firefighter expands benefits to families of fallen first responders

KCPD, Crime Stoppers ask for public's help to solve 7-year-old homicide

Developing . . .


  1. More lib whining by the Red Star. Same shit, different day. No one cares what those idiots think...except maybe Maude boi.

  2. ^^Whaaa!! The Sar is full of libs!!! Whaaa!!! The Red Star!!! Whaaaa!! The paper is commie!!! Whaaaa!!!!! The libs!!!! Whaaaa!!!!!


  3. Journalists learn the Marxist bullshit at public university journalism schools.

    The state legislature should cut off funding for these communist bastard professors and let them earn a real living.

  4. How the hell is the Red Star still in business ?

  5. ^^Figure it out dummy. There's no future pandering to geriatric fucktards who will be dead in a few years, so they play to those who matter. Are you that dumb?

    1. Dr. Chimpy, expert in journalism!! Lolol

  6. thats ok, KC hate the star, i will dance in the street when it folds !

  7. It’s the passive aggressive mayor saying these things everybody knows that he’s been paying the commie red star to print his lies and b.s. when you’re getting taxpayer money to stay afloat the mayor gets them to write his personal feelings and beliefs, that’s the reason why all these stories coming out of the star sound childish, you know, like a uneducated black boy said it.

  8. Smith will do what ever Lucas tells him to do.

  9. The homicides in KCMO will continue at a record pace.
    There's nothing that the police can do except answer the 911 calls and investigate the murders.
    The "community" will continue to not cooperate with the cops, even though the vast majority of murders take place in minority neighborhoods.
    So less than half the crimes will be solved.
    And the pitiful Star and most other local media will continue to run stories about grieving families "demanding justice", as though the dysfunction and despair of their community were someone else's fault.
    Oh. And lots more speeches and demands from the revs and other usual suspect east-side grifters.
    In other words, nothing will change.


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