Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Kansas City Springtime Storm False Start For Panicky Weather Newsies

It rained last night and a little bit more this morning but, unlike hottie Nina's body of work, none of it was anything special.

There are still clouds hovering overhead and local weather people continue to hype an impending torrent of rain.

37 power outages make the news that might not have anything to so with typical springtime weather.

As always, meteorologists use their "coverage area" as an excuse for their busted forecast and still hype storms to the east.

Nevertheless . . . 

The nationwide inaccurate reputation of Kansas City newsies remains intact . . .

The local TV weather prediction of scary downpours and impending devastation of typical April showers turned out to be inaccurate yet again. For better or worse, the chicken little coverage has become a local broadcasting tradition.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

it beats griping about the e-tax.

Anonymous said...


True dat.

Anonymous said...


Q: What do they call the site where the mermaid lured the sailor to the rocky shore?

A: The wreck of the Nina Splits Gerald!!!