Kansas City Southern Split Coming Soon?!?

An exceptionally insightful column about the future of an iconic local institution offers insider perspective into a corporate takeover and the increasingly likely bust up threat that would rip apart a Kansas City business that helped to build this nation . . . Check it:

Could Canadian Pacific and Canadian National split Kansas City Southern?

For now, here's a look at regulatory moves that govern the eventual demise of one of this town's greatest companies . . .

U.S. regulator gives CP Railway early win as Kansas City Southern review continues

Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd (CP.TO) on Saturday welcomed the U.S. Surface Transportation Board's (STB) decision to uphold a 2001 waiver it granted to Kansas City Southern (KSU.N) being applicable to the merger of the two companies. The two companies will proceed with an application under the standards in the STB's pre-2001 major merger rules, according to a statement by Canadian Pacific.



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  2. ^^ Pretty much par for the course in today's fucked up society norms. Typical, typical.

  3. Justice Horn is a joke. Even at UMKC it got so a lot of people couldn't stand his pompous ass!

  4. Justice Horn's ENTIRE notoriety is derived from his proclaimed sexual identity.

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  5. Number one - Cis Male, meaning hetroseexual males behave in the manner to reinforce stereo.

  6. Number FIve Being a leader and a spokesman is the practically the same thing. There could be tax breaks or even cash for speaking engagements going on. When you talk about on the ground "protest", unless they are linked to Stacey Shaw and the Liberty Lawyers or Shaw's body guard's New Black Panther Party. Then according to a BBP historian "there's never been a "New Black Panther Party" in existence?


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