Kansas City Sidewalks Fixed As Promised And Now GO Bond Cash Will Fund Streetcar

Credit to hipsters, they're putting an upbeat spin on bad news but still acknowledge that former election promises have been IGNORED in favor of new shiny toys.

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City officials discuss prioritization of Kansas City's biggest bond package

This year's infrastructure funding from Kansas City's General Obligations bond package were brought forth for discussion again after last week's city budget approval raised concerns. // Image courtesy of KC Streetcar Discussion yesterday from Kansas City's joint Transportation & Infrastructure and Finance City Council Committee yesterday raised questions about the city's infrastructure priorities.


  1. Hmmmm, my sidewalks never got fixed and I’ve been to plenty of areas of town with dangerous sidewalks too, but we all knew this was a scam from the start. I guess they figured it was easier to tell the truth instead of continually lying about where the money was going.

  2. My sidewalks have not been repaired.


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