Kansas City School Board Vote List Debuts

Buyer beware on this post . . .

Former KCMO Council dude John Sharp is a longtime South Kansas City power player and also an editorial contributor to the Martin City Telegraph.

However, he's not in charge at the community news publication.

At first glance we like their quick hit coverage with pix that offers a short overview of the candidates. The reality is that voters who don't already have marching orders from special interests don't really have very many options for info on this low turnout vote.

Accordingly, we share these hot takes . . .

Know your Center School District School Board candidates 2021

Know your Hickman Mills School Board Candidates 2021

Know your Kansas City Public School Board candidates (Sub-district 5)

You decide . . .


  1. No need to go vote it's already been decided. I remember going to Center school and it was really bad back in the 70's I can't imagine what it's like today.

  2. What a bunch of wretched choices for KCPS. Vouchers and charter schools are certainly the way to go for parents who give a rip about their children's education.

  3. Vote for someone that understands the students. 1st requirement illiteracy.

  4. In Pearson and Osby, Hickman Mills has an alternative to the corrupt establishment candidates at the top of the ballot.

    More info here than you'll find on the fucking Martin City Telegraph:


    1. Real KC Voter4/6/21, 3:35 PM

      @12:42 is pure BS from an old BS'er. No thank you. Your crap blog is without merit.

  5. I decided not to vote today. Normally I would have, but the city decided to play musical voting places, and I decided they can go fuck themselves.


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