Saturday, April 03, 2021

Kansas City Saturday News Ketchup

This iconic print ad might be one of the greatest visual depictions of consumerism we've seen in the modern era given that all real art is about subversion of the status quo. Even better, after all these years it still makes us giggle. 

And so, we take this opportunity on a Saturday afternoon to "ketchup" with quite a bit of community news for denizens of our blog community.

Spike Starts Spring

COVID-19 vaccinations begin for the Royals as team expects to play full season

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Major League Baseball athletes were just as excited to play in front of fans on Opening Day as the fans were to be there. The feeling was shared at Kauffman Stadium too. "We're able to have fans which is great.

Paper Promotes Prez Housing Plan Without Deets

'Thousands of homes in a place like Kansas City.' Biden plan goes big on housing

Kansas City leaders say President Joe Biden's proposal to spend more than $200 billion on affordable housing could mean thousands of new homes in Missouri's largest city. Biden unveiled Wednesday a nearly $2.3 trillion, eight-year infrastructure proposal, his next major priority after passing the COVID-19 relief plan last month.

Kansas City Tradition: Drinks, Talk & Then Doggie Style

Bar K offering safe, socially distanced pandemic play for people and pups alike

It's spring. You want to get out and socialize. But, we're in a pandemic. Plus, you don't want to leave Fido at home. There's good news: Kansas City's Dog Bar Park, Bar K, is going above and beyond to make sure their place is safe for people and their pups.

Metro Vaxx Hype Debuts

Comeback KC launches Two Million Arms KC campaign

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Comeback KC has launched a new campaign to help the Kansas City area rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic and encourage residents to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Mark Logan, Comeback KC communications director, said in a news release that the goal of the Two Million Arms KC campaign is to spread the word about vaccines in every possible way.

Guv Offers More Time

Local and national eviction ban extended through June 30, CDC says

The nationwide eviction moratorium is being extended through June 30, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Monday. The protection was scheduled to expire in two days on March 31, WTRF reports. The CDC says the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a historic threat to the nation's public health.

Distant New Normal Debuts

Restaurants begin seeing more dine-in customers as vaccinations increase

Businesses in Jackson County will return to full capacity before most adults in Missouri will be able to get the COVID-19 vaccine.At Los Cabos Mexican Grill & Cantina in Independence, the general manager said that as more people get their vaccines, he's seen attendance increase."Whatever it takes for our guests to feel comfortable coming here, our company is going to follow suit and all so they feel good about it," said David Melhorn, general manager of Los Cabos Mexican Grill & Cantina.It's been a year of precautions with plexiglass separating customers, social distancing, sanitizing and face masks.

Lockdown Cont’d

Survey: Kansas City-area businesses to continue 'work from home' after pandemic

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A survey from Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce showed a significant number of businesses will follow a work-from-home model even after the pandemic is over. The survey, conducted in December, revealed 46% of businesses that responded plan to continue a work from home option.

Show-Me Lax Vaxx

Rural Missouri pharmacies plagued by no-call-no-shows for second vaccine appointments

MISSOURI ( - Rural Missouri pharmacies, once a hot destination to receive a coveted COVID-19 vaccine, are struggling to keep long-distance travelers coming back for their second dose. "There are a lot of second doses in rural pharmacies," said Michaela Newell with the Missouri Pharmacy Association.

Foolish Kansas Postscript

Kansas woman arrested for April Fools' Day 'shooting' prank

by: KSN News, Nexstar Media Wire Posted: / Updated: WICHITA, Kan. ( KSNW) - A Kansas woman has learned that some April Fools' Day jokes can go too far. Police say Arnthia Willis, 58, called a family member Thursday morning and said she had been shot.

Community Biz Help Starts

Nonprofit holds special fundraiser to help Black Kansas City businesses


Baseball Tribute

Dear Opening Day, Thank You

Dear Opening Day, Thank you. The beauty in you is not beholden to the day's outcome. It's about what you represent. As we fold up your flag buntings and watch your paint fade from the freshly trimmed grass, I'm thankful for your arrival. For baseball fans across the globe, you exemplify hope, optimism and security.

Iconic Kansas City Hero Scribe Deconstructed

Earnest Hemingway: PBS Documentary Grapples With Both Man and Myth

In the new documentary devoted to Ernest Hemingway, Kansas City enters the story with a burst of ragtime piano. Local viewers may find themselves settling in with anticipation, recalling how several past projects associated with director Ken Burns had found much of interest in Kansas City.

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