Kansas City Rush Hour Returns After COVID

So, it turns out the plague wasn't as "transformative" as many advocates argued and this town still relies on cars.  

Traffic still isn't as bad as pre-COVID but, double bonus, drivers are even worse.

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Rush hour traffic starting to pick up across Kansas City metro

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Rush hour traffic is slowly starting to ramp up to pre-pandemic levels. As more businesses open up and gatherings resume, traffic is tightening up around the metro. "I've definitely seen a lot more cars on the road and just general traffic along the highways is where I see it most," said Nathan Kilkenny, a delivery worker for Toblers Flowers.


  1. Except for peak commuting hours traffic is nearly nonexistent in KC.

  2. Most companies are going to a hybrid model, where employees work from home part of the week. Some are getting rid of office space and saving a lot of money.


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