Kansas City Royals Season Of FAIL Starts

Speaking of corporate-sponsored American distractions . . . The early season "surge" was nothing more than a trick to provide rookie sports newsies and fans a glimpse of hope . . . Now the inevitable journey to last place continues.

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Sloppy defense and bad pitching sink Royals, 14-7

Brad Keller's struggles continued on Tuesday night, with the Royals putting up plenty of runs but still losing. The poor fans who went out and froze at Kauffman Stadium deserved better. The Tampa Bay Rays tagged Brad Keller for five runs in the first two innings, which resulted in Keller getting the hook before the end of the frame.


  1. Their in 1st place in division. Do not go to your child's games. The parents will beat your ass in the parking lot for being Debbie Downer.

  2. Don from Parkville4/21/21, 8:04 AM

    Now now, this is just a Meaningless Early Season Loss. WEIRD!

  3. You spelled stink wrong Tony.


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