Kansas City Royals Rebuild Winning?!?

Skeptics like TKC have been dismissing early season wins as nothing more than hype, misdirection and part of the team's longstanding tradition which reliably results in a mid-season implosion and exit from the playoff contest around June/July.

Here's a missive that suggests otherwise . . .

The Royals Are in the Middle of a Rebuild, but That Hasn't Kept Them Out of First Place

Twenty-eight days is a pretty long time. Enough for the moon to revolve around the Earth. Enough, according to Danny Boyle, for zombies to take over the U.K. And enough for the 2021 Kansas City Royals to have compiled the best record in the American League. That's right: the Royals!


  1. C’mon man! It’s only April!

  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^ TRUE DAT!

  3. They still suck and will be out of contention by mid-May.

  4. ^and if they sucked, why do they have the best record in baseball fucktard? Ignorant simp.

  5. They will hit a losing streak by June and be out of contention by July. Mark my words.

  6. I will give them credit for getting rid of Gordon. He was awful.


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